Website Design

Website Design

We offer the best and most affordable website design in Hyderabad. Our two main website designs are static website design and dynamic website design. The two website designs may seem similar in appearance, but they have differences in functionality. They also differ when it comes to effectiveness, SEO benefits, audience reach, efficiency, usability, and cost. Visit us for the best website designing company in Hyderabad.

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Static Website Design

We offer static website design services. Here is a brief about it. Static websites are more basic and faster to host especially for initial development. Their functionality and cost is low compared to dynamic websites. Static sites are a sequence of HTML files with no file matching from one page to the other in the site. Web pages are saved in the server in a similar format as they are sent to the web browser. The site requires regular updating and therefore the content in these sites is mostly stagnant. The site thus requires consistent updating or else the content in the site will lose its usefulness.

Nevertheless, this type of website design is very excellent for small websites which are updated continuously. If your website has about five to ten pages, updating these pages requires a short time and this is the most convenient type of design. However, large websites with hundreds of pages or products that require consistent updating may be very difficult with static website design. Updating would require a lot of time and it is tedious. Therefore, although initial development is easy and cheaper, maintaining the website can cost you and the website will have lower functionality. If you opt to use static website design, we can help you to develop it and also to maintain your website.

Dynamic websites

We also offer dynamic website design services. Unlike the static model, dynamic sites have high functionality, they are interactive, and updating them is easier. However, they require time to develop and they are more expensive compared to the static designs. Once they are developed, the user can update them even without any HTML knowledge or background. Some of the features of dynamic sites are content management systems, e-commerce systems, discussion boards, and dynamic publishing abilities. There is no limit to the functionality of dynamic websites. It all depends on what you want us to include in your website. A dynamic website can even update the content in it automatically. It can be made interactive for visitors by including comment boxes and search bars.

When it comes to designing, a dynamic site is made up of different pieces which are brought together to form a page. Dynamic sites utilize server technologies such as JavaScript and PHP, for website development. These types of computer programs automatically create CSS and HTML which implies that if a page is loaded, all the components which make up that page will pull together to form the page that will be viewed. Therefore, overall, dynamic website designs may require more time to create, and they may be costlier, but they are very easy to maintain once established. If you are in need of custom web designs in Hyderabad, visit us. We are the best website designing company in Hyderabad.

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